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Using a Flexible Curtain Track for Your Bay Window

Using a Flexible Curtain Track for Your Bay Window
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Horace Mann said that a house without books is like a room without windows. We would counter that a window without curtains is like a book without a cover. Okay, perhaps we aren’t great philosophers, but you get the point; a window is simply unfinished without curtains, and the right curtains can make or break the look of the window, and the room. Nowhere is this more important than on the grandest of all windows: the bay window.


Bay windows provide beautiful views, give character to a room, and offer a cozy place to sit down and read a book (Horace Mann would be so proud). But the best thing about them is that they give you the opportunity to use our #6100 Flexible Curtain Track. This curtain track is custom cut to your window specifications and can be bent by hand into a curved or angled shape without compromising strength. This track can also be used in straight applications, and is mounted directly onto the wall or ceiling.

Bay Window - Flexible Curtain Track


A bay window is actually three windows in one. Standard curtain rods and drapery hardware often force you to break up a bay window into its three parts, and can make opening and closing the curtains a tedious task. A single #6100 Flexible Curtain Track around all three window panels allows for smooth opening and closing of the curtains or drapes. From a design point of view, a single continuous track makes the window a single unit or focus point, making it more aesthetically pleasing.


Questions? We’d love to help you. Give us a call at 888-434-7444. If you’ve got a photo of our #1600 Flexible Curtain Track in action around your bay window, we’d love to see it! Email a photo and description to info@curtaintracks.com.

Smallz 4 years ago at 7:36 PM
Horace Mann? Thank you for the Wiki Link! I must admit, I had to click it. Nice article.