Don’t Throw Away Leftovers


Don’t Throw Away Leftovers

You ordered 12 feet of track, but only needed to use 10 feet. You don't want to throw away extra track, so what do you do?  Rest assured, you are not alone. Many of our curtain tracks come in pre-set length that you have to cut to fit your space, producing leftovers.

A lot of our customers find out that they have leftovers and contact us or consult our website for how to return the extra track. Unfortunately, we can't accept returns on these remnant  sections of curtain track.  Many customers then discover there are many uses for our curtain tracks beyond just hanging curtains. They are great to help organize your home or office.

With a little creativity, you, too, can find other uses for your leftover track, to make your purchase more economical.  

Other Uses for Scrap Track:


    • Hang your keys from a small cutoff piece of track.

    • Install a piece of track over the door for hanging Christmas lights or swags.

    • De-clutter your closet by hanging belts from a 2-foot track length hung in your closet.

    • Two pieces of channel-to-channel track, spaced accordingly, can be used to hang wine glasses from their bases under a cabinet in your kitchen.

    • Use tracks and hooks under a shelf to hang coffee mugs to free counter space in your kitchen

    • Decorating under a ledge or bar is easy with leftover track and hooks.

    • Place a 6-inch length of track upside down on a desk to create a business card rack.


ACCESSORIES Don't forget about extra accessories. Our hooks and clips also have dual purposes. Don't return unused carriers. They can be paired with extra curtain track for any of the uses above.


  • If you have extra 7142 use them with bulldog clips (7115) to hang material from a piece of track. These can be used to hang holiday lights or swags inside.

Bulldog clip

  • Leftover 7142-SS stainless steel hooks for harsh environments are not just for bathroom shower curtains. Hang Christmas lights outside from these hooks. The stainless steel material can take the battering of the weather through the holiday season.

7142 SS hook

  • Metal curtain clips with ring are great for use with any type of rollers you may have. Use pliers to open the ring at the top to attach it to each slide. The clip at the bottom can hang on to posters or papers for an announcement board.


  • Beaded chain curtain drops with a hook (7185) are great for hanging decorations from a piece of cut track from the underside of a ledge.

Beaded curtain hook and chain

NOW WHAT? Now that you know that having extra track or hooks at the end of your curtain project is an opportunity and not a liability, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the parts you need for your curtains, and find out all the great ways you can use the leftover scraps.


If you still have questions, we're here to help. Whether you are looking for ideas to use extra carriers or if you just want to find out about ordering additional hooks or slides to use with your leftover track, let us know. Contact us today to find out all the great uses beyond curtains you can use for your tracks and accessories.


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