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Keep Out

Did you ever make a clubhouse when you were a kid? Maybe it was behind a stack of sofa cushions, inside a tree house or under a snow fort, but the greatest thing about it was that it was your own personal space that no one could intrude upon. Today, even as adults, we need privacy, especially in certain situations. How can you get privacy in open spaces? Privacy curtains.



Hospitals are not the only place to use privacy curtains.

Privacy curtains should be used. They create partitions within open spaces such as large hospital rooms, office work spaces, medical examine rooms, spas, salons, and homes. The curtains themselves are designed to not be see-through to afford the greatest sense of privacy possible.


You have a myriad of choices for privacy curtains. Different patterns on the material can be chosen to match you decor. You can also opt for antimicrobial curtains, which prevent bacteria from growing on their surface. This is the ideal option for health care facilities like hospitals, clinics or nursing homes where bacteria can pose a severe threat to the health and well-being of patients.

If light is a problem, there are even light-blocking options that keep light from leaking through the material. These curtains are a great option for closing off home theaters from outdoor light. You can use them to cover windows, doors or other openings to stop light. Try putting these curtains up over your bedroom window to keep an annoying streetlight from keeping you up all night.

For easy cleaning, the shadow cube privacy curtains release stains and odors better than some other materials. These are a good option if you want to hang your privacy curtains in a place where they might get stained, like in a kitchen or lab.



There are some things that our privacy curtains don't have. They don't have the ability to catch on fire or rip because they are both flame retardant and tear-proof. The curtains also don't have frayed edges because their triple-thick hem is sewn with a double-needle Safe-T-Lock stitch.



If you decide that you want to order your own privacy curtains, let us know. We will be happy to help you pick the right curtains for your needs. You can order any height you need and any width in 18-inch increments. Just let us know if you have any questions or comments about ordering privacy curtains.



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