Drop Everything And Read About Our Drop Ceiling Curtains


Drop Everything And Read About Our Drop Ceiling Curtains


According to Armstrong.com, there are a great many benefits to having drop ceilings in the home and in the workplace. They are easy to install, allow access to ducts and pipes, and provide soundproofing and moisture resistance. These days there are many more design options than plain white, and the visual effect can be striking. Having a drop ceiling will force you to think outside the box when it comes to hanging curtains, but that is where we can help: we’ve got lots of ideas and gadgets that will make installing drop ceiling curtains enjoyable and easy.



Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track can be attached directly to a drop ceiling support structure, so when hanging drop ceiling curtains, the possibilities are only limited by the placement of the ceiling frame. With your track in hand and some inexpensive drapery hardware such as drop ceiling clamps, ceiling cartridges, and end caps, you are ready to install. The clamp holds the cartridge onto the ceiling grid, and the track is held by the cartridge (end caps keep the curtain from falling off the ends of the track). It is so simple that once you lay out the pieces it’s almost self-explanatory, and so easy that someone who has never hung a curtain before can have one up in minutes.


The flexible track can be bent by hand into curved or angle shapes, or installed as a standard straight track, which gives lots of design options for drop ceiling curtains. Use a curtain to cover a whole (unsightly) wall, or as a backdrop. Or, move away from the actual wall and you can create a virtual one along any of the ceiling frame gridlines. This system can divide a large workspace into individual areas, or be used to divide a large conference room into smaller breakout rooms. Bright, decorative curtains can add color and interest to the room, or a fabric such as our Eclipse curtains can block out light and absorb sound, depending on your needs.

Our customer service reps have heard and seen it all (when it comes to curtain tracks, that is) and can help guide you through design and installation of your drop ceiling curtains. Give them a call to talk about it: 888-434-7444


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