New Colors, New Fabric, and A New Track...Oh My!


New Colors, New Fabric, and A New Track...Oh My!


In our last blog post, we shared information on our new Chateau Privacy Curtains. Today, we want to tell you about a couple other new products, the nylon Dobie curtain and new colors of our 84004 track.

The nylon Dobie curtain is our newest waterproof shower curtain. It has all of the same wonderful qualities of our shower curtain line with one added bonus: it’s pretty! There is a subtle pattern repeated in the weave of the fabric that gives this polyester an elegant look and feel. The depth of this pattern creates visual interest and because it is available in white and beige, the nylon Dobie curtain will look great in any bathroom.

Behind the pretty face of this new curtain are the features that make it a logical choice for any wet space. The fabric is polyester treated to be water repellent for 50 commercial washes (the industry standard is 12 washes), making it not only pretty but also durable.

Nylon Dobie Curtain


One of our most popular tracks, the 84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track, has two new colors for a total of four options. Now available in white, silver, black and bronze, the color of this track is sure to work with your next project. The 84004 strong aluminum architectural track accommodates smooth rolling ball bearing carriers and can be mounted end to end for wider spans. Mounting holes are punched on 16 inch centers. This track is available in 8 foot sections, but please give us a call if you need longer lengths.

Stay tuned for our new line of industrial tracks coming soon. We are excited to share that these tracks, just like the Curtain-Track standard, will be strong, durable, and good looking. They will be able to take the toughest of the tough abuse and hold the heaviest of the heavy curtains.


We are so excited about all of these new, awesome products! Some of these products are on our website, ready for you to order. Some will be posted shortly. All of them will make you happy! Visit today to check out all of the updates.


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