Tips for Creating "Full" Curtains

Ripplefold Curtains
Tips for Creating "Full" Curtains

We have been asked by Curtain-Tracks customers how to make “full” or ripple-like curtains. It’s a great question! The overall fullness of a curtain is really determined by the amount of fabric is used for the curtain width.  This means that the wider the curtain is, the more ripples it will have. If a curtain has 60% fullness, it will have or folds top to bottom (or ripples). If a curtain has 100% fullness, it will have even more ripples.


Not sure how to figure this all out? If you would like to calculate the width of the curtain, simply multiply the width of your window or curtain track by .60. This will give you the width that you need to add for the curtain.  If you are looking for curtains with 100% fullness, it is 2 times the width of the curtain track or the window. 


For example:

96” x .60 = 57

96 + 57= 153”


If you want to do a return at the ends of the track, just add 3” per each side. When you do this, you can take the curtain to the wall at the end of the track.


Other helpful tips:

To calculate how much snap tape is needed, all you need to do is divide the width of the curtain by 36”.


Snaps are attached to the tape at a 4.25” spacing. Then divide the width of the curtain by 4.25 to get the number of snaps that will be on the curtain. This will give you the number of carriers that will be needed.


Creating full curtains shouldn’t be difficult. If you still have questions, please let us know! Our friendly customer service team wants to help you complete you project. Just give us a call!

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