4 Unique Uses For Curtains


4 Unique Uses For Curtains

We are brimming over with ideas about how to use curtains, curtain tracks and drapery hardware. Here are four unique uses for curtains you may not have thought of:

1.Use your curtain as…a shower curtain. Bear with us here, we are not talking about using a shower curtain as a shower curtain, but an actual, bought at the drapery store, fabric curtain. This gives you much more decorating freedom than does limiting yourself to the choices available in the bathroom section of Target. Keep it from getting wet using our nylon shower curtain as a liner.

2.Use your curtain for…nothing. Well, OK, not really nothing, but there are many reasons you might want to hang a curtain on a blank wall. For example, if the room in question is short of windows, you can give the impression of one by hanging curtains in the middle of the wall. Or, you might just want to add some texture or a decorative element to a room that goes beyond putting up shelves or hanging a painting, but isn’t quite as grand as hanging a tapestry. This can be effective with plain and boldly patterned curtains.

Unique Uses for Curtains Curtains can add texture and a touch of elegance to a room

3.Use your curtain as a headboard. This is a very effective and elegant way to add some texture and drama to your bedroom without spending an arm and leg on new furniture. You can give the illusion of having a beautiful, grand headboard by hanging floor-to-ceiling decorative drapes behind the head of your bed. Simple sheers can also be hung to give a more ethereal, exotic look.

4.Use your curtain as a wall. Think “outside the rod” and consider the whole world of possibilities that opens up when using ceiling-mounted curtain tracks. These tracks can be placed anywhere you need a divider or separation of some kind. Have a loft space and want to divide the sleeping area from the living area? Want to hide a basement wall stacked with storage bins? Curtains can be used to create virtual walls and closets. Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track can even be bent by hand into a curved shape to create a closet or faux-armoire out of a flat wall.

Do you have a unique way that you have used curtains? We would love to hear about it!


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